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Like Riva and Monvelyno, their music is multidimensional -- an engaging mix of Haitian Vodou ritual and folk songs, their own elegant compositions infused with soulful jazz-inflected funky acoustic grooves, with breathtaking Racine, Caribbean and African polyrhythms.


On a Yanvalou rhythm, Riva’s entrancing voice can transport you to the ceremony leading up to the slave uprising. Her soulful voice can invoke the essence of the ancestors, along with Monvelyno’s guitar strums and arpeggiated Vodou notes to create a seamless fusion of then and now. 


Ayiti Nan Kay La (Haiti in the house) consists of 17 original songs in Haitian Creole, English, and French. Each song is a thoughtfully curated combination of Haitian rhythms, traditional Haitian and African instruments, topped with electronic influences and conscious lyricism. 


On a joint mission to illuminate Haitian culture, this duo's new album reflects the unique beauty of BOHIO, which means homeland and was the original name of the island of Haiti. Together they serve the world well as self-proclaimed cultural ambassadors “bringing Haitian culture into the light."

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