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Riva Nyri Precil

Born in Brooklyn but raised in Haiti, Riva Nyri Précil was exposed to traditional Haitian music and culture, which greatly influenced her eclectic music and fashion palette. She studied under some of Haiti's greatest artists, dancers, actors, and musicians. A singer, songwriter, Haitian folkloric dancer and choreographer, jeweler, artist and children's book author, Riva performs in various forums and Venus throughout the U.S., Canada and Haiti, including in the 2015 Carifesta Music Festical and the 2018 Tribute to Emeline Michel, both in Haiti. 


Her 2015 debut solo album, Perle De Culture (Pearl of Culture) includes a fusion of traditional Haitian songs, soul, R&B and jazz elements. Riva graduated high school at LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts in New York and has a bachelor's degree in Music Therapy from Loyola University in New Orleans.


She now lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and bandmate Monvelyno and daughter Loa, where she teaches Haitian dance classes (Tout Se Pa), performs regularly with her band Bohio Music, paints and sells handmade jewelry. Her latest projects "Ayiti Nan Kay La" was released in April of 2019. 


Native of Haiti, Monvelyno is a tag less phenomenon hard to frame in one capsule and is considered a renaissance being to this age.

With his music and art he has been inspiring, entertaining, and helping people since he was six years old.

When he picked up the guitar at the age of 18 his intent was the creation of a universal, cultural language, as a result, his approach to the instrument was revolutionary.

Monvelyno learned from the creators of the Haitian roots music and matured into a skilled musician, made ethnological research at sacred places such as Soukri, Badjo, and Souvnans.

The innovators of this movement guided the young musician, helping him understand the language of the drum and its relation to the guitar.

He moved to the US to study music in search of an original sound, when this quest lead him to merge all these influences. He now offers listeners a New Music Movement for the Haitian Tradition. He names this new sound the Kod ak Po Project to strengthen the Haitian culture.

Monvelyno accompanied various great artist from many countries of all styles and produced several albums through his new eight note Kod ak Po sound, Kouzen Azakamede, Conscience State of Mind, Nou La, Perle de Culture, Ayibobo and more.

He now lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and bandmate Riva Precil and daughter Loa, where he teaches and produces music, performs regularly with his band Bohio Music, paints, His latest projects "Ayiti Nan Kay La" was released in April of 2019. 

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